In case of an order on the webshop, delivery fee will be paid by the Buyer.
Products will always be posted in a sealed envelope or box, we cannot take responsibility for any damages incurred during transportation.
Once an item has been paid, we will not make a refund, however there is a possibility to exchange your product in case there are issues with the size.
Our goal is to have everything run smoothly, so we ask you to let us know if you sense any irregularities or discrepancies in our processes. You can do so at info@matyodesign.hu, and we will do our best to correct our mistakes.
Delivery within Hungary
Most of our products are constantly on stock, so we can usually deliver items immediately, however in certain cases it may take 2-3 weeks to have the product made and delivered. All our products are unique and handmade, so please respect the embroidery procedure.
Our webshop orders are delivered by DPD Hungária Kft. to the given address. Delivery of the packages takes place on working days between 0800 and 1700. We advise you to give us an address where it will be possible to hand over the products within this given timeframe. In case noone is at the given address, DPD Hungária Kft. will retry delivery twice. In case of an erroneous address, all costs incurred will have to be paid by the Buyer.
If the package cannot be delivered within the three trial deliveries, it will always be delivered back to the Seller. For packages sent back to the Seller, all incurred delivery costs will be charged to the Buyer. Redelivery after this will only be possible if Buyer transfers the delivery fee beforehand.
Delivery fees
For webshop orders, delivery fee is 1450 HUF. This includes package tracking, three trial deliveries, as well as the delivery itself.
Seller remains with the right to alter delivery fees with the condition that it steps into effect at the time of posting the new fees on the website. Altered delivery fees will never be applicable to products already ordered.

Delivery outside of Hungary
In case of delivery abroad, please make sure you drop us a line at info@matyodesign.hu with the required product, the quantity you would like to order, and the destination country. We will calculate delivery fees and deadlines based on the above information. For deliveries outside of Hungary we are not able to accept posterior payments, so Buyer will always have to pay on the webshop, via bank transfer or PayPal before the package is shipped.
Payment of products
If you choose to pay upon delivery of the product (only possible within Hungary), the amount will have to be paid in cash to the delivery man. Please make sure you have enough cash on the day of delivery!
Since all our products are handmade and unique, there might be slight differences between the products posted on the website and the product you receive. Seller bears no responsibility regarding these slight differences.
Cancelling a purchase
Buyer has 8 days to step back from the purchase of our products without a need for explanation. If you would like to step back from your purchase, you will have to do this in writing by sending a letter to us via registered mail. We will take into account the day of posting the letter. The ordered product shall be sent back to Seller via post or a delivery service to the following address: Matyodesign Kft. 1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 58). All products have to be returned in pristine condition with the original tag. Invoice of your purchase shall also be attached. Seller is not obliged to return price of returned product if it is not sent back in its original condition. All return packages will be opened with at least two people present. All return delivery costs will have to be borne by the Buyer.
Seller will return the price of the product within 30 days from receipt of the return package. Seller can return the price upon examining the returned product, and can only do so via bank transfer. For this reason, please make sure you include a bank account number in your written return notification.
Please make sure you use your product as it was intended to be used, as all costs incurred due to misuse of the product will have to be borne by the Buyer.