Snowwhite pullover with  pastel or monochrome embroidery. Brand new long sleeve sweater embroidered on the front continuing to the back. Our new start to spring helps you energize your wardrobe.

Designed by Gitta Kriston



Every product of ours is unique and one of a kind.

There are no two pieces the same. What can be found in each and every piece from our collection is

love, passion and beauty.

Origin Certificate

Every single piece from matyodesign is handmade with care and attention to detail. The finished product includes an Origin Certificate on which you will find the photo and signature of the artisan who created it.

handmade with love

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 68 × 44 cm
Pulóver színek

white-grey, white-pastel

pullover size

S, M, L


MATERIALS: 70 % cotton, 30% polyester


Bust: 49 cm
Shoulder width: 42 cm
Arm length: 66 cm
Hips width: 40 cm
Neck to waist: 65 cm

Bust: 52 cm
Shoulder width: 45 cm
Arm length: 71 cm
Hips width: 42 cm
Neck to waist: 69 cm

Bust: 55 cm
Shoulder width: 50 cm
Arm length: 73 cm
Hips width: 43 cm
Neck to waist: 73 cm

Bust: 58 cm
Shoulder width: 52 cm
Arm length: 73 cm
Hips width: 43 cm
Neck to waist: 74 cm