MASK – flowers of hope


Material: 100% cotton, 2 layers + (Cotton: 110 gr / nm)
Size: 18 cm x 20 cm / Available in one size
Flowers: hand embroidered, different colours

Made in Hungary

Washable, reusable mask can be sterilized and ironed. Do not iron the rubber band or elastic pieces. After using the mask for 4 hours take it off and sterilize, dry, iron and then use again. Please note: using a mask alone can not protect you 100 % from Corona Virus.


Támogass egy jó célt, hogy a befolyt összeggel mi támogathassuk a tardi hímzőasszonyokat!

Artisan Support

Help keep traditional culture in the workplace. The added expense to your purchase will help support the Matyo embroidery artisans.


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Every product of ours is unique and one of a kind.

There are no two pieces the same. What can be found in each and every piece from our collection is

love, passion and beauty.

Origin Certificate

Every single piece from matyodesign is handmade with care and attention to detail. The finished product includes an Origin Certificate on which you will find the photo and signature of the artisan who created it.

handmade with love

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 16 cm
Choose color

black, black with blue flowers, unisex / black-blue-grey, white, white with blue flowers, white with grey and black flowers


MATERIALS: 100% felt

SIZE: 10×16 cm