These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) contain the general contractual terms and conditions of the electronic commerce services provided by Matyodesign Nonprofit Kft.

If you wish to be a Customer (or active user) of our Webshop, please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully and use our services only if you agree with all its points and consider them binding on you.

This document is not filed, it is concluded only in electronic form, it cannot be retrieved later, it does not refer to a code of conduct.


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Matyodesign Nonprofit Kft.

Company registration number: 05-09-027462

Headquarters: 3416 Tard, Rákóczi út 30.

Tax number: 25060623-2-05

Community tax number: HU25060623

Account number: 10402142-50526767-90491016

Language of the contract: Hungarian

Electronic contact (Customer service e-mail address): info@matyodesign.hu

(info {at} matyodesign {dot} hu)

Webshop contact: www.matyodesign.hu



The scope of these GTC extends to all electronic commercial services provided in the territory of Hungary, which take place through the Web Store, and to all commercial transactions concluded between the Parties specified in this contract. All individuals, legal entities and other organizations without legal personality are entitled to use the services of the Webshop, if they consider the provisions of these GTC to be binding on them.

In the Web Store, anyone can browse the products without registration.

Purchases in the Webshop are possible with an order placed electronically, in the manner specified in these GTC. After placing the order, our system sends an automatic letter to the Customer about the received products, which can be considered a contract. A contract concluded between the Parties shall be deemed to be a written contract. The Seller keeps track of the orders, so they are available to the Buyer at any time until they are fulfilled.

By browsing the pages of the Webshop and recording his order, the Buyer accepts the general terms and conditions of the Seller.

The displayed, purchaseable products can only be ordered online, home delivery or personal collection.

The purchase prices in the Webshop represent the gross prices increased by the current VAT. An additional cost incurred in addition to the price of the product is the home delivery fee, which is charged as an intermediary service. There is no extra packing fee.

Seller reserves the right to change the price provided that the change takes effect at the same time as it appears on the website. The amendment does not affect the purchase price of products already ordered.


The Seller shall not be liable for any delivery delays or other problems or errors that can be traced back to the data provided by the Buyer incorrectly and / or inaccurately. The Seller shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the fact that the Buyer forgets his password or becomes available to unauthorized persons for any reason not attributable to the Seller.

Modification and termination of the Customer’s data

The registered Customer can change the data provided in the Web Store at any time.

The Seller allows the Buyer to cancel its registration at any time – without conditions or justification. You can request the deletion or modification of the customer’s data at any time in writing to the e-mail address info@matyodesign.hu (info {at} matyodesign {dot} hu). Upon termination, the Seller shall delete the Buyer’s data from the records of the Web Store.


Ordering process:

To order, you need to select the desired product and size and then add it to the cart. Some products in the basket can be removed or new ones can be added to the basket. The “Next” button takes you to the next page. Only one special offer, coupon or other discount can be used for one order at a time. Before completing the purchase, it is advisable to check the order in the cart.

Due to the uniqueness of the products, the Buyer accepts that two of the finished products are never made exactly the same, this is due to the nature of the material used. The finished product will look a lot like the one in the picture, but it won’t be and can’t be exactly the same. Each product ordered is similar to the product in the pictures. The colors of the images displayed on the product data sheet may differ slightly from the actual ones. When a dress is selected and the color is written “by picture”, this means that the dress is made with the color combination shown in the picture. If a color can be selected for a product, we provide information about the colors in the product description. What Seller can guarantee is that if Buyer e.g. you have selected a light-colored product, the dress will have a light effect, if you have selected a blue-colored product, the dress will be blue.

The Seller does not keep stock of the products in the Web Store. The Buyer agrees that due to the uniqueness of the products and the complications of their preparation, the Seller will manufacture and deliver the ordered product within the shortest possible time within a maximum of 1 month from the confirmation. We will send you an e-mail notification when the product is ready.

We reserve the right to reject orders that have already been confirmed without justification.

Orders are stored digitally in our database and are not filed on paper.

Payment Terms:

The final amount to be paid, which will appear on the order summary and confirmation letter, includes all costs. In all cases, the original invoice will be sent to the Customer in the package.

It is possible to make cash on delivery, cash payment or purchase with a credit card.

With credit card payment, you can shop conveniently and securely in our store. After ordering the selected goods, you will be directed to the K&H Bank website, where you can pay with your bank card via the encrypted transaction currently used by the Bank, which is considered the most secure. All our customers have to do is click on “payment by credit card” when selecting the payment method, and then enter the card number, expiration date and three-digit security code on the payment server of K&H Bank. K&H Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB type cards.

Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use can only be accepted if their use is authorized by the bank issuing the card! Please check with your bank to see if your card can be used for online purchases.

After a successful purchase, K&H Bank will issue an authorization number for the transaction, which is worth writing down or printing out the entire page. In case of an unsuccessful transaction, K&H Bank will state the reason for the error in an error message.

Conditions of Carriage:

In order to provide accurate and fast information, the Webshop continuously informs its customers by e-mail about the progress of its order and the date of delivery to the courier.

Domestic delivery (to Hungary)

Delivery time: within 2 weeks from the date of manufacture of the product.

Courier service:

Orders from our webshop are delivered by courier service to the specified address. Packages will be delivered on working days between 8.00 and 17.00. As a delivery address, it is a good idea to provide an address where you or your agent are at the time of delivery. The courier service will try to deliver extra twice. In case of providing an incorrect address, the cost of delivery will be charged to the customer.

In the event that the packages sent by cash on delivery are not taken over by the Buyer, they will always be returned to the Seller! In case of returned, non-received packages, the return fee will be charged to the customer. We will only be able to start retransmission if the value of the package has been transferred in advance.

Shipping fee:

In case of ordering, the delivery fee is HUF 1,800

The delivery fee includes home delivery, traceability, three attempted delivery, and cash on delivery.

Seller reserves the right to change the shipping fee provided that the change takes effect at the same time as it appears on the Website. The change does not affect the purchase price of the packages already ordered!

Delivery abroad

Delivery fees and deadlines are valid for delivery in Hungary. Please notify our customer service of your foreign delivery request at info@matyodesign.hu. Please send us the e-mail number and quantity of the goods you want to order, as well as the country of destination, so that we can calculate the delivery cost and delivery time based on this. We cannot collect cash on delivery in foreign countries, therefore the final amount of the order must be paid by bank transfer.

Payment Terms

Payment by cash on delivery: In case of cash on delivery, you only pay for the ordered goods to the courier upon receipt of the package. Only order the desired products with cash on delivery if you can pay the courier in cash upon receipt of the package!


In some cases, there may be color differences between the ordered product and the colors visible to the Buyer, therefore the Seller shall not be liable. Buyer acknowledges that the products sold by Seller are manufactured, all of them are little different.

Warranty / warranty rights: clothing products are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code. Each product has a two-year warranty, of which the first six months are warranty. During the warranty period, the consumer has the following rights if the product suffers from a manufacturing defect: repair or replacement, if this is not possible, a reduction in the purchase price or withdrawal.

To validate the warranty claim, an invoice confirming the purchase (a printed copy of the e-invoice or a paper invoice) and a label originally sewn into the product are required. In all cases, a report must be drawn up on the submission of the warranty claim, which must contain the details of the purchase and the fact of the objection. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Right of withdrawal

If the Buyer wishes to withdraw from the purchase (contract) after home delivery of the product, he may do so within 8 working days after receipt of the goods, without giving reasons. In the absence of this information, the Buyer is entitled to exercise his right of withdrawal after three months.

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you may indicate this in writing. In the case of written notification by post – as a registered item – the date of posting will be taken into account. An alert received by e-mail (customer service e-mail address) is considered received if it is confirmed.

The Buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal from the day of receipt of the goods. Return the ordered product to our address by post or with the help of a courier service (Matyodesign Nonprofit Kft. 3416 Tard, Rákóczi út 30.) If required, we can notify a courier service contracted with our company of your intention to send a package, the fee for which must be paid to the courier when sending the package.

You must return the product in its original, undamaged, clean condition, with the original stitched label, and attach the original copy of the paper invoice or the printed copy of the e-invoice. The Seller is not obliged to refund the purchase price if the product has not been returned in its original condition (eg damaged, dirty, etc.). Upon receipt of the package by our company, the package will be unpacked and the returned product will be examined in the presence of two witnesses. This is necessary to avoid possible misunderstandings at a later stage.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal does not entail any additional costs for the Buyer, however, the return of the product must be ensured by the Buyer, only the related costs shall be borne by the Buyer. The costs incurred in connection with the return of the product shall be borne by the Buyer. Packages sent by cash on delivery will not be accepted by the Seller! We will only be able to accept shipments after notification of the fact of a written return!

The Seller will refund the purchase price to the Buyer immediately after the return of the product, but no later than within 30 days. The Seller can only repay the purchase price after the investigation of the repayment obligation, by bank transfer. Therefore, in the letter of notification of withdrawal, please provide your bank account number (in 3 × 8 characters) with the corresponding name and the order ID.The refund does not apply to shipping costs. The delivery fee is an intermediated service, which the Customer has accepted as a service performed upon receipt of the package. The cost of return shipping must be borne by the Buyer.

In the event of a delay in the delivery by the Seller, the Buyer may withdraw from the contract, in which case the Seller will refund the full purchase price – paid in advance.

Pay special attention to the intended use of the product, as compensation for damages resulting from improper use is the responsibility of the Customer. In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Seller may demand from the Buyer compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the goods.

The legal regulation on the exercise of the right of withdrawal from submitted orders is regulated by Decree 17/1999 (II.5). government decree. http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/hjegy_doc.cgi?docid=99900017.kor

Data handling

When handling the Customer’s data, we act in accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force at any time, the Data Protection Act.

Seller attaches importance to the secure and discreet handling of customer data. The personal data provided to the Seller during the use of the Web Store is stored in order to fulfill the contract and to prove the terms of the contract later. You will not pass on your data to third parties except for the purpose of performing the contract (eg courier service). Increased personal data (e.g. clothing sizes) will remain unknown to the courier. You can request the deletion or modification of your data at any time in writing at the e-mail address info@matyodesign.hu (info {at} matyodesign {dot} hu).

You can visit the pages of the Web Store free of charge and without having to provide any personal information about yourself. The provision of data on the website is voluntary in all cases, and everyone decides on the provision of this data at their own risk. Seller will take all reasonable steps to keep the data secure, but will not be liable for any damage, destruction or unauthorized access to the data in the event of a technical failure, natural disaster, terror or crime. Seller will take all reasonable steps to ensure that access to its pages is continuous and error-free, but will not be liable for any errors that may result in improper operation of the pages and / or possible loss of data. The Web Store is not responsible if the users of the services become victims of a computer virus infection.

If it turns out that you have provided other personal data in a way that violates the law or has otherwise caused damage while using the website, the Seller is entitled to assert the resulting damage against you and you are obliged to bear all resulting claims. The data recorded during the order will be used by the Seller to fulfill the order. The data of the invoice made by the order placed by the individual IT systems on the pages of the Webshop will be recorded and stored with the data provided during the submission of the order for the period specified in the valid Accounting Act.

By subscribing to the newsletter provided while browsing the Webshop, you consent to the Seller’s use of your personal data provided in the registration for marketing and information purposes, the Seller will contact you by e-mail – in the form of a newsletter – to present your products and services. The data provided during registration is treated confidentially by the Seller, the possibility of unsubscribing is provided at the bottom of each newsletter sent out, and it can be requested at one of the provided contact details.


Seller shall not be liable for any damages resulting from connection to the Web Store. The Customer is obliged to protect his computer and the data contained on it.

The product data, photos, descriptions on the website are the exclusive property of Matyodesign Nonprofit Kft., Therefore their copying, distribution, transmission, posting, linking or modification without the permission of Matyodesign Nonprofit Kft. Is strictly prohibited. Violation of this Agreement constitutes an infringement of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property that may result in civil or criminal liability for the Buyer / User.

Buyer may send a written complaint to the Seller’s registered office address or to the Customer Service e-mail address. The Seller must respond in writing to the Buyer’s written complaint within thirty days.

The Seller is entitled to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of these GTC at any time, without a separate notification obligation. Any change will take effect at the same time as it appears on the Web Store page. Orders already submitted are governed by the GTC valid at the time of delivery. In matters not regulated above, the Civil Code. and the provisions of the Hungarian legislation in force at any time shall apply. The Contracting Parties shall make every effort to settle any disputes which may arise out of them by negotiation. If it is not possible to settle the dispute through negotiations, the Contracting Parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ráckeve City Court, regardless of the value limit.

These GTC are effective from April 1, 2011. To download and view a printer-friendly version of these Terms and Conditions, click Printable Version

In case of any questions related to the operation, ordering and delivery process of the Webshop, we are at your disposal at the given contact details.


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